Sunday 28 February 2016

kb3035583: "Important" Update installs the annoing "Get Windows 10" App again

After hiding out those - I guess - 4 "important" updates, there again is an important update that trys to put the annoying "Get Windows 10" App again to our task-bar (

I will again try to ignore the Update by right click -> Hide. But I'm afraid that won't help long.

There are several good tutorials to remove the GetWin10 App, if you happend to oversee the Easter Egg and installed it:

I once knew a program to get rid of the GetWin10 App for the less experience user. But forgot it.
If you know one, please drop a comment below.

Friday 26 February 2016

Laser/Radar Scanner from Aliexpress ... Fail!!!

A view weeks ago I ordered a laser/radar scanner via aliexpress. After 3 weeks it arrived. So far so good, but it worked for only 1 hour or so.
During this hour it detected one known fixed speed camera, un-detected a seconds one, "found" plenty of other radar/laser sources. I suspect it didn't filter out those parksensors and infra-red motion detection shop door openers.
After stopping to work and successful raising an dispute at aliexpress, I decided to take it appart.

I know a bit of good soldering work, but I didn't find it there. On many places, the SMDs where mounted manually with big zinn drops. Some places (see coloured circles in pics) are oxidised.

One SMD fell out (see pic), that might be the reason for failing.

Lessons learned: Get a decent scanner, spend more than $44.

Product: 360 Degree Full-Band Scanning Speed Measuring Radar/Laser Detectors Auto Laser Detector Speed Testing System English Voice

Price, Dec 2015: $18

 bigger img